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The Philadelphia






The Philadelphia – Wolf Goldenthal, at age 15, sailed from Southampton on it arriving at Ellis Island on October, 29, 1904. Courtesy of www.ellisisland.org. He was escaping the pogroms of Europe. Wolf’s son, Edwin, would later help to pioneer, test and formulate the modern birth control pill and many of today’s modern medicines. Wolf’s son, A.J., would become an economist who assisted in developing the Marshall Plan that saved Europe after World War II. Wolf’s son, Mitch, would later serve and have a wonderful career in the Army.

isaac-itzchok-goldenthalIsaac (Itzchok) Goldenthal-born 1858-died 1922-Son of Mortche Leib and Leah Goldenthal-Father to Wolf, Carol, Betty, Sophie, and Leon Goldenthal-Grandfather to Ed, AJ and Mitch-Great grandfather to Julie, Mark, Wendy, Aaron, Matt, Karen and Robert Goldenthal-Itzchok Goldenthal worked with Herzl in Eastern Europe to help fight anti-semitism and pave the way for the modern state of Israel.


Caroline Goldener Goldenthal – Wife of Isaac – Mother of Wolf, Carol, Betty, Sophie and Leon Goldenthal – She died 1935.

Leah Goldenthal-born 1822 in Romania-died 1922 in NY-daughter of Abraham Belzer-wife of Mortche-Leib – Mother of Moses, Sara, Frema, Jenny and Isaac Goldenthal-Grandmother to Wolf Goldenthal-Great Grandmother to Ed, AJ and Mitch Goldenthal- Great Great Grandmother to Julie, Mark, Wendy, Aaron, Matt, Karen and Robert Goldenthal

Isaac and Caroline with young Sophie, Carol, Leon, Betty and Wolf-taken in Romania June 12, 1895


Below left photo Fanny Lord-
Fanny Goldstein (maiden name) -1st cousin to Wolf Goldenthal-daugther of Benjamin and Frema – photo courtesy of Kathryn Lord


Moses (Moishe) Goldenthal-born 3/1/1865-first of Goldenthal family descending from Mortche Leib and Leah Goldenthal of Romania to arrive in America-settled in Hartford in 1888-Moses was the brother of Isaac Goldenthal and a Great Uncle to Ed, AJ and Mitch Goldenthal. Moses’ children were Caroline, Pauline, Max, Irwin, Frances and Eva.

Sara (Sura) Sara Goldenthal Bank-born 1852 to Leah and Mortche Leib Goldenthal-Sister of Isaac Goldenthal-Great Aunt of Ed, AJ and Mitch Goldenthal. Sura married Chaim Bank. Their children were Mollie, Beckie, Abraham, Meyer, Ida and Fannie.

Benjamin Goldstein-husband of Frema. Frema died while giving birth-Their children were Max, Mollie, Ida, Fanny and Rose. Benjamin was an Uncle to Wolf Goldenthal and Great Uncle to Ed Goldenthal.


Jenny (Charna) Moss-born 1862 to Leah and Mortche Leib Goldenthal. Sister of Isaac-Great Aunt of Ed, AJ and Mitch Goldenthal-Jenny married Albert Moss-Their children were Moses, Rebecca and Abraham.

Little Edwin Ira Goldenthal-son of Wolf-photo taken early 1930’s. Ed grew up to became a scientist who helped to test and formulate the modern birth control pill.


Below right -3 brothers – AJ, Mitch and Ed Goldenthal-sons of Wolf Goldenthal- AJ grew up to become an economist who worked on the Marshall Plan and helped on the a new car called, “The Mustang”. Mitch became a Colonel in the US Army. Ed Goldenthal helped to test and forumate the modern birth control pill and many other medicines.


Group Photo: Caroline Goldener Goldenthal and family-Back row, Left to right: Leon Frankel, Teddy Frankel, Lazer Duvid Frankel, Woodrow Frankel, Leon Goldenthal, Edgar Goldenthal, Adolph Goldenthal, Wolf Goldenthal, Betty Goldenthal’s first husband – don’t know name. Next to back row l – r: Mitchel Goldenthal, Lillie Frankel (later Rebold), Sophie (Goldenthal) Frankel, Rose (Rosenfeld) Goldenthal, Ida (Abramovici) Goldenthal-mother to AJ, Mitch and Edwin, Betty Goldenthal, Alan Goldenthal.

Front Row L,R: Maurice Goldenthal, Caroline (Goldner) Goldenthal, Edwin Goldenthal.
Very Front: Anne Frankel (later Rockwood) Photo taken around 1935 or so.


Bottom Photo -Newly found cousin-Simon Goldenthal of Canada! Photo taken in 1944. Simon comes from the Joseph Kahana branch of the Goldenthal family. Joseph was the brother of Itzhok Kahana (father to Mortche-Leib). Joseph Kahana was also an Uncle of Mortche-Leib Goldenthal of Romania.

9 Responses to Historical Photos

  1. Faith Goldenthal-Gluck says:

    My grandfather is Bernard Goldenthal. Son is Melvin. Bernard Goldenthal was from Romania. He was the youngest of nine,I think. He owned Triangle Textile he sold sheets towels and drapes etc. he retired i believe in 1978. The business was by grand street and Eldridge NY. He had a sister Rose. Anyone knows of how he may fit into the family tree. Thank you Faith

  2. Ina-Sue Kamerman says:

    My grandmother, Ida Goldstein, was married to Simon Kamerman. I am trying to determine if she is the Ida whose parents were Frema Goldenthal and Benjamin Goldstein. Can anyone help me with that information?

  3. Julie says:

    People searching for Dr. Ed Goldenthal can find him currently at:


  4. julie
    please call me sat. or sun. between12 and 2pm…..thanks Sheila

  5. Fashion says:

    It is my pleasure to say you that all of your articles are superb and I truly adore the way you put each and every sentence. You will be rated 8.75 out of 10. Brilliant work,Get going. Your grammatical sense is just superb. Carry on the good work.

  6. Julie says:

    Here is the conclusive family tree dating back at least to Yaakov Kahana. This is per Allen Goldenthal’s research.

    Yaakov Kahana – died around 1589/1590 – Was a Karaite Jew, and he worked with the son of Nostradame to investigate the mystery of the Golem in the Jewish Quarter of Prague associated with Rabbi Loeb as documented in “Shadows of Trinity” by Dr. Allen Goldenthal – see Amazon.com. Let’s just say the mystery of the Golem, per our family, past down in letters through the generations, is not what history recorded it to be. Yaakov Kahana is listed as the “Prince without a Kingdom” in Dr. Goldenthal’s book.

    Son Yusef Kahana

    Son Aryeh Leib Kahana

    Son Shalom Shakhna Kahana

    Son Jacob Kahana the Elder

    Son Zeev Wolf Kahana

    Son Abraham Aryeh Kahana

    Son Itzhok Kahana – brothers Joseph, Jacob and Aaron Mordecai Kahana

    Son of Itzhok is Mortche Leib Kahana Goldenthal-died in the mid-1800’s of cholera in Romania-Mortche Leib Kahana took the name Goldenthal that was given to his first cousin, Jakob/Jacob Goldenthal, by the Baron Oswald von Goldenthal in Germany who did not have any children of his own. After this, the whole family was named Goldenthal.

    Son Itzchok/Isaac Goldenthal – came to the US-worked with Herzl to fight anti-semitism and to help start the nation of Israel-spoke Yiddish

    Son Wolf Goldenthal – came to the US at age 15-arriving at Ellis Island on 10/29/1904 on the ship Philadelphia from Southampton, England

    Sons AJ, Mitch and Edwin Goldenthal

  7. Julie says:

    Here’s another link on Orval – the Valley of Gold that the Goldenthal name comes from.


  8. Julie says:

    Read more about the Valley of Gold that the Goldenthal name comes from in Europe.


  9. moty goldenthal says:

    my name mtoy goldenthal i was born in 1951 my father Aaron Goldenthal was born in 1924 in Ukraine in a town called hotyn I remember my grandfather was born in 1880 Abraham Goldenthal working blacksmiths made horseshoes

    Contribute a better translation

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