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Feel free also to leave a comment about the Goldenthal family below or call Julie at 703-978-6028.

Thank you!

Julie Rana

18 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Vlad Rosen says:

    One of my ancestors, the maternal grandfather of my grand mother (also maternal side)was a Samuel Goldenthal born around 1805 in Jassy/Romania and married to Adele Diamant. The couple had 6 children: Michel(born 1860), Sophie (born 1861), Tully (born 1862), Rachel (born 1863), Dorothéa (1864) et Arthur (1865). Michel and Tully emigrated to America(Florida?) around 1880-1900. My grandmother was the daughter of Rachel Goldenthal. According to, Samuel Goldenthal was among the first entrepreneurs in Jassy where he founded 1878 a small manufacture for matches.

  2. Lawrence Goldenthal says:

    Hi- I am trying to trace my family. My grandfather was Nathan Goldenthal, born to Abraham and Rebecca Goldenthal in Romania in 1898. Abraham emigrated to Ellis Island first followed by Rebecca and rest of kids in 1901. This was my great grandfather-
    Any info would be most appreciated. My son and I are last of that lineage… thanks much

  3. Ilan Leibowitz says:

    Would like to hear more about Karaites in Romania?
    Were there any Leib, Labowitch (Spelling varrations)members in the community?
    Also more on the Feld Family before 1905 (Stanislow)
    Thank you,
    Ilan Leibowitz

  4. Julie says:

    Wow. Bill and Kathryn. Thanks for the great info!

  5. Kathryn Lord says:

    Sorry – the 1910 census was for Enfield, CT, just north of Hartford. It seems like every census and city directory, Bernard had a different job, including a bartender in 1917 in Hartford.

  6. Kathryn Lord says:

    Bill Miller – Bernard or Benjamin Goldenthal (c1873-Apr 1935) b in Botsony Romania, lived in Hartford CT — In the Apr 1910 US Census for Hartford was listed as running a retail wine & liquor business. He immigrated in the early 1890s. Seems a likely candidate for the token.

  7. Bill Miller says:

    Hello, I have a token which reads
    B. Goldenthal/Good Over/The Bar/Only//5 (in rays)

    Do you know of any Goldenthals who owned a bar or saloon in the 1890-1920 era?

  8. Adrianne Rothstein says:

    I wish I had more time to look at this wonderful site set up by Julie. My name is Adrianne Bank Rothstein. I am the Corresp. Secy for the past 27 years for the Independent Family Society. I would love to get in contact with Ina Sue Kamerman. She is related to us thru Frema. We are having our 100th Anniversary Party on Nov. 8, 2014 in North Jersey and would love to extend invites to any family member. Please get in touch with me at

  9. Julie says:

    Hi Rebecca: So great to hear from you. So we are cousins! Your father, Maurice, is my father’s first cousin. My father is Edwin Goldenthal, son of Wolf Goldenthal, and grand-son of Isaac Goldenthal. Glad you liked the blog. Hope you enjoy some of the family recipes and family history. All the best, Julie Goldenthal Rana

    ___________________________ Julie Rana Managing Director HR Advantage, Inc. 703-978-6028

  10. Rebecca Cullen says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this incredible blog together. I was thrilled to see photos of my father and learn more about my ancestors. My name is Rebecca Goldenthal (married name Cullen). I am a writer living in Los Angeles. My father, Maurice, was the son of Leon and Rose.

  11. Julie says:

    Let me look up their e-mails. Thanks.


    Julie Rana Managing Director HR Advantage, Inc 703-978-6028

  12. Adrianne Bank Rothstein says:

    Julie. I’ve been looking thru some of the comments left and I’m pretty sure I can give them some answers..How can I respond to some of the individuals. I am particularly interested in Ina-Sue Kamerman because we lost touch with that branch of the family. Also Sara Goldenthal? I believe she is a twin the daughter of Dr. Peter Goldenthal..

  13. Sara Goldenthal says:

    My name is Sara Goldenthal. My sister is Rebecca Goldenthal. Our father, Peter, and his brother Lance, are the sons of Dr. Carol and Jolene Goldenthal, formerly of Hartford, CT. We trace our roots on the Goldenthal side to Husi and Iasi, Romania. I don’t know much more than this. I am curious to find out how we fit into the Goldenthal family tree, as described on this website. If you know, please let me know.

    Thank you.


  14. Julie says:

    Check out my friend’s new site with Easy Recipes at:

  15. Kathryn Lord says:

    Julie –
    Hi. I have found Betty Goldenthal’s first husband – Zev Caspy (Apr 26, 1896 – Apr 1962, b Poland, d NY). They were married abt 1923, and can be found in the 1930 census in the Bronx on Eagle Ave with Betty’s mother Carolyn living with them. They actually appear twice: the second enumeration of them is under Zaft Kaspe.

    This is a wonderful blog. Is there any way I can find a copy of “A History of the Independent Family Society?”

    Kathryn Lord

  16. My name is Adam Allan Goldenthal (born in New York City 1970). Son of Allan Benarria Goldenthal. Great grandson of Morris Rosenfeld. His brothers were Edgar and Maurice. Used to write for a daily paper, currently work full-time as a guitar teacher. Please send me more info on the rest of the Goldenthals around the world. Immediate family relations very strained- cut off from father’s side of family.

  17. Jeff Max says:

    We are related thru my Grandfather Samuel Goldenthal,as my brother Peter explained, in his recent correspondence. My daughter Courtney is doing all the genealogy and lives in Brooklyn. I understand there is a “get together” in NYC in JUne-Please advise-my daughter would love to attend- Thanks

  18. Peter Max says:

    I was raised in West Hartford CT. My grandfather Samuel (one of 4 children) was the son of Bernard from Botsosnia Romania. Born 1873 died April 24, 1925 married to Anna Kantrowitz.
    How do I get on the family email list?

    Thank you
    Peter Max

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